Friday, March 8, 2013

Inspiration Friday, Lena Hoschek S/S 2013 Lookbook

Photos from here

Yet another gorgeous lookbook from Lena Hoschek! Spring/Summer collections are always my favorite and this one comes just in time for the warmer weather we're about to have. Its going to reach 70 degrees this weekend! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead of you! xx


Lizzy said...

Very pretty dresses! all inspired in México ( yeah! Viva México!) , inspired in Frida Kahlo, love all that color! love all the pictures, and I want some of them, some looks so 40's =)

Emma said...

As soon as your post loaded I actually thought "Holy crap, these are amazing!" Lena's done it again! Thanks for sharing Quincy!

Emma x

Porcelina said...

Ever since I was introduced to Lena via your blog I have been lusting after her creations - they are unfortunately way out of my budget, but a girl can continue to dream!

Love this new collection, gorgeous!

P x

Librarian Tells All said...

Oh, these make me happy. They look like VACATION! And hello, fellow Nashvillian. *waves*

<3 jen @ librarian tells all

Anonymous said...

Urgh, I always want everything! Her stuff is so beautiful.

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