Saturday, September 20, 2008

Amazingly Useless Facts About Me!

Yay, I've been tagged! It's exciting to be tagged when your a new blogger. Thanks Rhiannon

What are the last three things you purchased? 

A pair of oxford heels, a couple of dresses from Forever 21, and a vintage 1940's dress.

What are the last three songs you downloaded?

Coldplay's new album Viva La Vida. Soundtrack from the motion picture Once. A bunch of Elvis songs. Though right now I'm mostly listening to Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra.

What are the last three places you visited?

I went to Memphis, Tennessee to visit Graceland and hung out on Beale Street. I went to Bar Harbor Maine for my honeymoon which was so beautiful. Maryland to visit family.

What are your three favorite movies? 

There are too many, but I'll try. I must have seen Walk the Line 50 times! It's also the movie Jonny and I saw on our first date. The Color Purple is wonderful, I've never cried so hard during a movie. Breathless with Jean Seberg. I have a little obsession with Jean Seberg at the moment. Also, I must admit that I enjoy almost every Woody Allen film I see. I just watched Alice with Mia Farrow last night.

What are your three favorite possessions. 

My cat Patsy Cline, my wonderfully worn in Frye boots, and my sewing machine.

What three things can you not live without? 

I could never live without my hubby Jonny, music, and fresh air!

What would be your three wishes? 

I would love to be able to fly. To become a successful designer one day, and to live on a farm with lots of animals.

What three things haven’t you done yet?

I haven't yet been able to visit Paris, or speak french well enough to go there. Also, I really want to learn to sew better. I really want to start making my own designs.

What are your three favorite dishes? 

I can't live without my cereal in the morning, pancakes, and chicken with veggies.

Which three celebrities would you most like to hang out with? 

 They're mostly going to be dead, I'm afraid. Elvis, I've loved him forever! Audrey Hepburn, and Steve Carrel, who's not dead of course. When I was little I always wanted to meet Bob Hope. Also, I adore James Garner! That's more than three, I know.

Name three things that freak you out?

Flying, very large thunderstorms, the idea of being on a boat in the middle of the ocean. I think I watched Titanic one to many times when I was younger...ha!

Name three unusual things you are good at.

Curling my lip to the tune of any song I know well enough. Winning Elvis trivia contests, and knowing all the lyrics to very old songs. When I was little my Mom and I would go to nursing homes and have sing-a-longs, so most of the songs we sung were from the 20's and 30's.

Which three things are you coveting? 

Anything from Chloe! I've been looking for the perfect vintage 1930's dress, but have yet to find it. Frye Adrienne oxfords in brown!

Name three bloggers you are tagging.

Melissa from moonshineandpiffle!

Francis from mudonmyteadress!



melissa said...

yay i've been tagged! sadly i don't know 3 people who would be willing to get tagged! :( hehe. i'll get to it soon! i love little surveys!
it's funny how you mentioned mono on your comment...i was just thinking about my nodes (ack, they're much more swollen) and thought, what if i have mono. and then i read your comment.
yikes yikes.
i hope you're having a pleasant weekend! :)

melissa said...

p.s, i can't live without cereal in the morning either!

Francis Girard said...

Oh My Goodness Im SO glad you wrote again on my post so I could find you. You are too lovely for words - your pictures are just perfection. I will most certainly be a regular here. Thanks a million for the tag. What an exciting find. Im wrapped. xf

Anonymous said...

awww your cat is super cute! And I love Breathless too - it's such perfection.

Annie said...

I've always wanted to go to Graceland and never been yet! haha, I know I'll get there one day..

WendyB said...

I love your cat's name!

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