Sunday, January 31, 2010


Cecile Plum asked: How long ago did you start wearing vintage clothes and why?

-I remember getting my first vintage dress when I was 11 or 12. It was an early 1960s shirtwaist dress. I think I was drawn to vintage clothes because of the classic films I watched growing up. I also remember wanting to look just like the girls in Elvis's earlier films, hehe!

Kelley Anne asked: I was wondering how you decided to start your Etsy shop and how long you've been collecting vintage?
-Before I had my Etsy shop I did a bit of selling on Ebay. I discovered Etsy early last year. At first I mostly shopped there, and then I realized how great it would be to start my own shop. My dream has always been to own a vintage brick & mortar shop and Etsy is a good step in that direction! I've been collecting vintage since I was 11 or 12.

Jessica asked: I guess I'd like to know if you plan out your super cool outfits or do you just throw them on and look awesome? Do you have a certain look you go for each day?
-I'm so glad you like my outfits! I don't usually plan what I'm going to wear but sometimes at night I find myself thinking about what I could wear the next day. I don't think I have a certain look I go for each day, but usually I build an outfit around a dress! p.s. Thanks for the award!

Tara Diane asked: What do you want to be when you grow up?
-Hehe, fun question. When I grow up I want to live in a big old house with lots of land. Have a couple kids and lots of dogs. Maybe even have a brick and mortar vintage shop somewhere in Nashville, TN. Most of all I just want to be happy.

Ariella asked: How did you and Jonny meet and how long have you been together?
-We met in the summer of 2005. Our first meeting was at a coffee shop. A few days later we met again at a party talked for hours. Then a few days later we were cast in the same play, Arsenic & Old Lace, as Newlyweds. At first we didn't get along too well, but by opening night we had pretty much fallen in love. I guess you could say it was little bit like Johnny Cash and June Carter.

BaronessVonVintage asked: Did you always know you wanted to do something related to vintage (I'm assuming it's your full time gig). How did you get into vintage (wearing and selling)? Also, how did you get so darn cute :)?
-I always loved vintage and hardly ever watched anything but old movies, so I've always been influenced by vintage fashion. I think it first hit me that I could wear vintage day to day was when I was 13. I was at Sun Studios in Memphis with my Mom and the girls who worked there were all in these fabulous vintage dresses with their hair all done in vintage styles. I said to my Mom then that I wanted to dress like that! Vintage is my full time job now, and I love it. Last September the place where I work went out of business and I just really started working as hard as I could on my Etsy shop. It really is a dream come true! I love what I do and feel truly blessed that I can make a living doing it. As far as being "so darn cute"…all I can say is that thanks to sweet girls like you saying such nice things helps on days when I feel just the opposite.

Judith asked: What is your favorite Elvis-inspired snack/food?
-Hmmm, probably peanut butter and chocolate anything! ;o)

Lexie asked: How did you dress in high school? How much has your style changed since then?
-Well, I had very long hair and dressed very 1960s. Lots of skinny capris with flats and floral minidresses. Very much like Priscilla Presley or Gidget, lol! As far as the difference now, I'm a lot more confident and don't mind experimenting with different looks.

Dizzy Dame asked: Favorite Elvis movie? Worst Elvis movie?
-Favorite….too hard, Viva Las Vegas and Live a Little, Love a Little. Worst, Easy Come, Easy Go.

Rosie asked: The age old question...Boxers or Briefs?
-LoL, um…my hubby wears boxers! Me, I like anything pretty!

Amalena asked: If you could have one wish, that you would know it will 100% come true, what would that wish be? :)
-Just to be happy & healthy and living somewhere that I absolutely love, or…To have all the clothing from The Notebook!

Leproust Vintage: I am excited for your to move to Nashville, so I will ask "when are you moving to Nashville?"
- Me too! The latest we'll be moving is September. Sooner if other opportunities arise. :o)

Gina asked: Do you cut your own hair? How long have you had it short and sweet?
-I don't cut my hair now, but I used too! I stopped doing it myself after I went to cosmetology school, strange huh!? My hair has been short since 2003, though when I was a little girl I always wore it short.

Anne asked: I'm always inspired by your photos, they are truly amazing! Have you found that posting about an item for sale on your blog helps to sell it?Do you have any tips for your fellow etsy shop owners?

-Thank you so much! I have definitely found that posting items on my blog does help them sell faster. Twitter has really helped too. As for tips, I've learned that you just have to work as hard as you can and list as much as possible. I've also realized how important good pictures are. A very successful Etsy seller once told me that it helps to be obsessive, and really think that's true. :o)

Della asked: If you could have any dress from an old movie (like a Ginger/Fred movie) which would it be?
-This is so hard! I really love all of Katherine Hepburns outfits in Bringing Up Baby. As for one dress, Dorothy's from The Wizard of Oz. That was my favorite movie as a girl!

Emma wallace asked: I love your photos! What kind of camera do you use? And what program do you run the photos through?
-Thank you! I bought my carmera second hand, it's a Canon Powershot G2. It's not my dream camera, but it works great especially for the web.
For the vintage touch up, I use Adobe Photoshop. Jonny helps me a lot there, he does something called "cross processing" and puts a vignette filter on them.

Thank you all so so much for your questions! It was really fun! :o)


Beatrix said...

No way! You're moving to Nashville! That is great... I'm a Nashvillian, and we could definitely use a nice vintage store! Can't wait to have you here in the city!

reckless daughter said...

this was great! thanks! I would love to have Katherine H's clothing in Bringing Up Baby (I would also like to have Cary Grant, please! but my Brit will suffice ;)

PS: Nashville!! I've been wanting to visit that town for ages! how fun.

jessica said...

that was so interesting to read! good luck with your move to nashville!

Brook said...

hahaah great questions!

emma wallace said...

So fun to read all your responses! I'd love to see some pics of you in high school - I love the 60s look!

Kelley Anne said...

Thanks for doing this Quincy, I really enjoyed reading your answers. Good luck with the move to Nashville and I love your blog and Etsy shop!

casey said...

I had so much fun reading over your replies! :D It's always fun to get to know what makes an amazing blogger "tick". ;)

♥ Casey
blog |

Engra said...

i like this photo so much, it`s fun!

Raquel said...

lovely read Q!!
have a nice week!

Astral Boutique said...


Oh my gosh, I am so happy to discover your blog and your store! You are a lovely breath of fresh air! I am your new fan, and I am so excited to follow your posts!!!!!! (-: Sasha

Amalena said...

Aww i loved The Notebook, the clothes and the story is just amazing. So nice that we share something :)

avintagespirit (Lizzy) said...

It was so interesting to read through the question and answers. It's cool that you got into vintage so young! I wish I had gotten into it younger so that I'd have a far bigger collection ;)
I hope you are one day able to start your own vintage shop :)

Missa said...

As a fellow chocolate and peanut butter lover, I'm gonna let you in on a little something that I discovered yesterday:

Take a graham cracker and spread pb on it then sprinkle chocolate chips on top. So good. It also made me want to try making peanut butter s'mores next time I go camping.

Della said...

Haha, that's great! I always wanted Glenda's dress. :)

vanessa said...

I love you because you love Elvis. I think one of the first things my husband and I purchased for our new house was a gigantic Elvis poster.

And Nashville, whoo hoo! It is lovely there.

Emily said...

Aw, you and your husband fell in love while performing in Arsenic and Old Lace! That is adorable :)

kanishk said...

Can't wait to have you here in the city!

ladies lingerie

Imelda said...

So nice to know more about you :) Loved reading this post!
And I would love to have all the clothes from 'the notebook', they're so pretty!

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