Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Ladies Afternoon

Wednesday afternoon I stopped by to visit my friend Carmen at Closet Case Vintage. Little did I know that Rachel from MouseVox Vintage was going to stop by too! I was super excited to see Rachel! I first met her about a month ago when us three ladies went to have a yummy brunch at the Pancake Pantry. This visit Rachel tried on some pretty dresses from CCV and did some modeling for Carmen and I. She left with some super lovely dresses, that I'm sure you'll see soon on her blog.

After visiting with the lovely Carmen, Rachel and I stopped by and Imogene & Willie and looked at all of the pretty things.

All pictures, thanks to Rachel

I fell in love with the amazing saddle bag I'm holding and a pair of boots, oh my. Later Rachel and I went for some coffee and tea! It was wonderful running into Rachel and spending an impromptu afternoon together. I'm still amazed at how many wonderful gals I've met here in Nashville!

Here is a picture of the first time Rachel and I met! Carmen took the pic! ;o)
I hope you all are having a wonderful week!
This weekend I might be taking an exciting day trip with some girls that is sure to be fabulous!
On a side note, I have decided I must always smile with my mouth opened! I look silly smiling with my mouth closed, oh well, lol!


Darling L said...

You three look so good! I love your crop jacket! How I wish I could spend an afternoon with you ladies over there at Nashville... :)

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

Look at your smiling faces! How cute, Quincy! There are a ton of gals I wish I could meet in real life . . . hopefully some day.
p.s. you're one of 'em. (next Nashville trip!) ;)

Carys said...

What a lovely time you must have had, it sounds so fun!! I love that saddle bag, it's awesome!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

A Little Brighter said...

Oh that is awesome! That you could just bump into each other! Nasville is filled with such inspiring bloggers (you lucky ladies) you look lovely!

Ayesha x

surfvintage said...

So cute pictures and purchases! I specially love your first little jacket!
And yes, your smile looks better with the mouth opened, you are really pretty!

Adelaide's Homesewn said...

Rachel is such a cutie! (you all are). Nashville is quite the hub of awesome vintage ladies.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I love your little shrug jacket thing!!
very nice shots.

Lexie, Little Boat said...

that picture of you looking down holding the suitcase is adorable!

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